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30% OFF with code BON30

I DARE YOU TO LIE ON A Bed of Nails!

I know… It sounds terrible!

But the small plastic spikes on our product will not hurt your skin.

In fact, after a first minute of slight discomfort, it actually feels AMAZING!

And it’s not just about the “feel”:

Bed Of Nails is made to help improve your health and reduce your stress and tension!


The science behind it is called ACUPRESSURE and it helps:

– Reduce stress and anxiety.

– Alleviate tensions and sore muscles.

– Reduce chronic pains.

– Enter a state of deep relaxation.

– Meditate and sleep easily.

– Wake up rejuvenated and energized.

BON is also the only Acupressure Mat with 8,820 pressure points. And in Acupressure, more pressure points = less discomfort and more healing!


Try it risk free with our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and discover a whole new world of relaxation, like hundreds of costumers already did!

How it works



A Win-Win-Win, for you, for BON and for our planet!

You get a HUGE discount to buy a high-quality product that will actually make your life better.

We sacrifice a part of our profit margins but get to grow our costumer base full of raving fans that usually recommend our products to friends and family!

And we can all keep our conscience clean knowing that for every mat sold, a new tree is planted, and that every BON product is made with top quality sustainable materials!

Bed Of Nails is made of:

✅ Recyclable HIPS Plastic.
✅ 100% Organic Fabric
✅ 100% Non Toxic Materials


Enjoy 30% OFF in ALL BON Products (including the amazing ECO Line)

with code BON30 while stocks last!

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** Offer not valid for BON Straps

Want more? Discover eco COLLECTION!

Our BON ECO line features sustainable materials that are better for the environment and more luxurious for you.

100% Linen

Linen requires less water to grow than any other fabric material! It is also recyclable and biodegradable, and more hygienic to use as it breathes better!

100% Buckwheat Hull

Biodegradable and breathable, these hulls are springy and don’t compress under pressure, providing a firm, contouring support to reduce the stress on your neck, head and spine!

100% Coconut Fiber

For more environmentally friendly support, our biodegradable coconut fiber filling gives the mat a heavier, more substantial feel and even more long-lasting strength. It also breathes better and keeps you cool and dry.


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